Adenbrook homes building my home. photos June 19, 2009

Funny, seems nothing changed at the beginning but…..

Water proof done. Kitchen Done

The fixout stage was due for completion today

From Monday staring painting

Rander will start work.

No photos on weekend, but from monday start again :)

Adenbrook Homes doing great.

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  1. Northside Says:

    Hello, my husband and I are also building an Adenbrook home in Brisbane. We have been very interested in watching your home progress on your website. No new photos lately? Hope things are still going well. We have just had our slab poured and framing to start this week. Hope to see more of your home soon.

  2. Owner Says:

    Sorry been sick, now new photos up..

    hope you are enjoying our new adenbrook home.

    feel free to post links to your pictures of your new home here for us to see


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